sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

David Lemaitre - Latitude (2013)

"As musicians, we have to travel a lot," David Lemaitre sighs calmly. "Goodbye is a word we are forced to use on a daily basis. My younger brother just got a tattoo that says, 'The idea is to be in a state of constant departure while always arriving', and I really don't feel I actually belong somewhere. But I like that. Take the best from all the places and people you mingle with. I don't define myself through where I'm from anymore. It's more important where you're going."


Young Man - Beyond Was All Around Me (2013)

Beyond Was All Around Me is Caulfield's last album as Young Man; he'll move on to another moniker and project after it. The record is out April 9th on Frenchkiss, and Young Man will tour the United States from April 8th to May 10th.

Young Man "In A Sense"