viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

COMPUTER MAGIC - 2010/2011

DOWNLOAD - Spectronic EP/Hiding From More of Our Time EP/Hiding From Our Time EP

DOWNLOAD - Computer Magic-Running [BEST VERSION] - [NAMS_HSU].MP3

Computer Magic began in the Winter/Summer of 2010, and is the solo project of 22-year-old DJ/blogger Danielle “Danz” Johnson.

Danz is originally from upstate New York, and now resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Currently, Danz is working on Computer Magic’s first full length album with Chris Egan on drums and percussion.


jueves, 23 de febrero de 2012

Memoryhouse – The Slideshow Effect 2012


Memoryhouse es un nuevo dúo canadiense de dream-pop integrado por van Abeele y Denise Nouvion que sigue la estela de Beach Houe y que debutan en febrero con, The Slideshow Effect, bajo el sello SubPop.

Memoryhouse - The Kids Were Wrong

Be Forest – Cold 2011


El colectivo “ wwnbb” tiene en sus filas al grupo de Bolognesis “Be Forest y su disco debut “Cold”, dreampop y shoegazing, recuerdos lo-fi de los 80s.

Be Forest - ntr

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Nocturnal Projections - Another Year - 1982


Nocturnal Projections were a post-punk band from Stratford, near New Plymouth, New Zealand that began recording in 1981 and split up in 1983. Often compared to British bands, especially Joy Division, with whom they shared a moody, bass-driven sound, although the Projections’ guitar was less metallic and more ebullient than Joy Division’s. They also never underwent the exacting production of many such British bands.

Nocturnal Projections - You'll Never Know

Desktop Error – Ticket To Home 2010


Desktop Error, es una banda de Bangkok, Tailandia. Lanzaron su primer EP en 2006, su álbum debut “Ticket To Home” salió en 2010.

Desktop Error / ปัจจุปันนา

Desktop Error ปัจจุปันนา (Single)